Broadway's Official Pie Consultant

Stacy donnelly

Owner & Designer

Stacy Donnelly is the owner and founder of Cute As Cake and Broadway’s official Pie Consultant.


After graduating with degrees in dance and business from UCLA, Stacy spent 20 years as a professional dancer touring the US and Europe before settling down in NYC where she transitioned from a dance artist to a cake artist and now a Pie artist!


What's happening at Cute as cake!

"Working as Pie Consultant for Waitress the Musical and selling over 65,000 pie jars the 1st year of the show!"

"Appearing on The Chew!"

"Commissioned to create  a birthday cake for the amazing GLEN CLOSE!!!"

"Featured in the Fantasy Gift section of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog!"

"Creating so many exciting opening night cakes for the Broadway community!!!"

It all began with a bad cake and an idea. After ordering a misshapen and not so tasty cake for a


family birthday, mother/daughter team Stacy and Sue Donnelly decided they could do better.


Stacy, a professional dancer, and her mother Sue, a full-time chemistry teacher, started Cute as


Cake to share their delicious and artistic vision for desserts! Coming from a long line of Italian


women, their family recipes and experience in the kitchen have provided Cute as Cake with 9


growing years of beautiful confections. What started out as part-time business has become a


full-time adventure.

OUR story of confections

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